The Team


WAWA’s founder and designer, mother of two boys

Fondest childhood memory?
My adventurous travels with my mother. Especially the times we went to Bolivia and visited my grandmother Marcela, a little wrinkled and thoughtful old woman, who lived on the high plateau, 3500 meters above the sea, in her mud-house – the same place where my father lives today. 

Favourite clothing as a child?
Accessories were my all-time favorite thing, especially my elastic hair bands. I could spend hours fixing my hair or deciding which rings or earrings to wear. Today I’m almost opposite.

Favourite place?
Fårö, a small Swedish island, where I spend a couple of weeks every summer with my whole family. I just love the feeling when we get off the ferry and head towards the family house there and I love being surrounded by the island’s solitude and the quiet landscape.



WAWA’s business wizard, Founder and CEO of the beer company Mikkeller, father of two girls.

Fondest childhood memory?
Holiday trips to Greece where I played with the local children and ate fresh seafood by the sea.

Favourite clothing as a child?
My foot shaped Ecco shoes.

Favourite place?
My familie’s cottage in the countryside of Copenhagen. Long summer evenings there in the garden, barbequing –  or cold winter days in front of the fire place.



In charge of WAWA PR. Mother of two girls.

Fondest child hood memory?
Visiting my grandparents in the north of Jutland. I remember those summers as being really sunny and warm with trips to the beach and walks in the forest – bicycling along yellow grain fields, picking strawberries and peas from my grandparent’s garden. 

Favourite clothing as a child?
My karate pyjamas. My older brother had one as well and we used to play that we were martial arts fighters.

Where is your favourite place?
The beautiful Taoist temple in Hong Kong, where my dad’s urn is situated. I love to spend time there alone. The heavy smell of incense and the quiet sound of running water from a small fountain.



Design and production manager, mother of one girl

Fondest childhood memory?
I grew up on a small island in southern Denmark where we had the most beautiful old ferry. I remember the amazing details like varnished teak, the signs, hooks and lists were all of shiny brass. I often took the ferry as a child and now I think of it every time I take the trip with the modern and dull ferry that brings people to the island nowadays.

Favourite clothing as a child?
My mother made most of my clothes when I was a child. It was the nicest dresses in checked cotton and with sweet buttons in front.

Favourite place?
Any seashore will do. I love the ocean – the colours, the sounds, the way it changes from quiet and clear blue to fierce and dark grey.