Sometimes you can see an indian walking the streets of Nørrebro, Copenhagen, wearing a wide-brimmed hat with a feather in the band and a four-year-old boy in his hand. The boy is my son. The indian is my father. A Bolivian dreamer visiting the Scandinavian civilization that he met for the first time back in the 1970s before leaving it again at the beginning of the new millennium to live among his llamas far from running water and electricity in the highlands of Bolivia.

When I was born, my father named me Warawara Wawa meaning Star Child. When I founded my company, I named it WAWA, meaning Child. As a tribute to my father’s childish naivety and his stylish aesthetics shaped by a lifelong mix of a depending worship of nature and a clean Scandinavian cut.

My autumn/winter collection 2016 is called Urban Indian.

It’s Nordic simplicity meeting the heritage of the Latin America’s rich detailed crafts. It’s concrete versus the inca gold. It’s the city lake versus Lake Titicaca. It’s the child’s eye for the detail. It’s the funny and beautiful moments of being yourself. It’s clean but it’s warm. It’s indian urbanism.

The colors of our shirts, T-shirts and sweatshirts are inspired by these contrasts varying from vanilla ice over bottle green to inca gold with prints referring to both here and there: An Aymaran hat, a Danish bicycle and stones from… well, you decide whether they’re rubbles from the newest building in town or pebbles from the oldest mountain at the high plateau.

The WAWA autumn/winter 2016 collection is an accolade to mix and multiculturalism, to the city and the countryside. And to our children, of course, who deserve the best of everything. Therefore this collection is like all WAWA products manufactured in a sustainable way in licensed factories which means that the fabric is GOTS certified, made with more than 95% organic cotton and that no health- or environmentally harmful chemicals have been used throughout the whole process.


The collection was created together with the following amazing people:

Ingrid Solvi Håpnes

Ingrid has been Johanna Topooco’s co-designer in the creation of WAWA’s first collection URBAN INDIAN. Her technical skills and aesthetic eye has been invaluable throughout the whole work. Ingrid has previously designed for Stine Goya and worked together with Lady Gaga’s stylist. For more information about Ingrid please check out her website

Amanda Hestehave

Photographer of the WAWA lookbook and image pictures.

Camilla Nielsen

Stylist at the photo shoot for the WAWA lookbook.

Andersen & Berner

Lending of hats for the WAWA lookbook.