Flowers & Fruits

We were both born in 1986, co-designer Ingrid Solvi and I, and as we grew up, our bangs became stiff and stylish forming a screen over our round and mirrored sunglasses. We were children of our time, cool and classy, trying to make up for our parents’ hopeless and still way too present legacy from the 1960s.

Then, as we began to draw the first line on this collection we realized that we as grown ups had left neither our own nor our parents youth and childhood behind us:

We were drawing flowers and fruits combining a wannabe-tough attitude of the early 1990s with a laid back flower power casualness of the 1960s as if Dr. Alban and the Mamas & Papas met in a jam session in the middle of a poppy rose field.


When nature dresses up flowers pop out and while spring becomes summer fruits will slowly ripen. Therefore the WAWA spring/summer collection 2017 is called Flowers and Fruits.

With inspiration from our own and our parent’s youth we celebrate spring and summer with prints and colours that stem from the best time of year. It’s flowers, fruits, feathers and stripes on shorts t-shirts and tunics. It’s mostly unisex with a few skirts. And as always it’s of course organic and made in the best and most sustainable way.

All WAWA products are manufactured in GOTS certified factories which means that the fabrics are made from more than 95% organic cotton and that no health or environmentally harmful chemicals have been used throughout the whole process.